Nite Art

Wednesday 23 July, 6–11pm
The Dax Centre is offering two curator talks as part of Nite Art, an annual event that sees Melbourne’s galleries and museums open until 11pm.
8pm Introduction to The Dax Centre with exhibition manager Juliette Hanson
9pm Guided tour of Healing Ways: Art with Intent exhibition with its curator, Charlotte Christie.
Cost: gold coin donation
Special viewing of Healing Ways: Art with Intent with Charlotte Christie

Poetry on identity

This event will investigate ideas of identity and belonging through poetry and other writing. Exploring themes of Indigenous identity, migration, cultural displacement, female identity and the effects of the life cycle, the evening will enliven students, educators and the broader public’s understanding of belonging. It is suitable for audiences interested in poetry and, particularly, for secondary, school students and educators. The presentation will interrogate the factors that contribute to our sense of self and how we gain an an appreciation of family and culture.

Featuring acclaimed writes Dr Mammad Aida-ni, Dr Tony Birch, Elizabeth Campbell, Leanne Hall, Alex Skovron and chaired by Jennifer Harrison, The Dax Centre Poetry Collection Manager.

Download the Poetry flier here

Kopi: Building an Intercultural Understanding of Grief and Loss

Wednesday 17 September, 10am–4pm and Thursday 18 September, 10am–1pm
The Dax Centre
Full Cost: $395
Concession: $350
Audience: mental health professionals, arts therapists, artists
Join artists Maree Clarke and Robyne Latham in an art-making workshop that explores a traditional mourning process of creating clay head ware (Kopi) to support a deepened understanding of Aboriginal culture.

Many of the events will be held at The Dax Centre located at the Kenneth Myer Building
University of Melbourne, Genetics Lane off Royal Parade, Melbourne, VIC, 3010 Australia

For all phone enquiries, please call Wednesday to Friday 03 9035 6258 or email at


Date: 19 and 20 September 2014
Venue: Ian Potter Auditorium, Kenneth Myer Building, University of Melbourne

Artists, project workers, arts therapists, mental health practitioners, community leaders and scholars are invited to explore the role of art in promoting healing and emotional wellbeing in Aboriginal communities.

Early Bird deadline: 17th of July 2014

This symposium seeks to explore the role of art in promoting emotional healing and wellbeing in Aboriginal communities. It will examine a range of artistic and cultural practices taking place in Aboriginal communities across Australia. Art and related cultural practices will be examined as a source of cultural resilience and strength, as well as a medium to address the individual and intergenerational effects of trauma experienced by Aboriginal people throughout a history of colonisation and dispossession. Artists, arts workers, art therapists, mental health practitioners, curators, scholars, community workers and cultural leaders are invited to share their stories of using art for healing in Aboriginal communities and may consider the following themes:

Day 1

THEMES: Art as Therapy/Community Art Projects

KEYNOTE: Judy Atkinson, Emeritus Professor, Southern Cross University and author of Trauma Trails. Presenting on the use of creativity in addressing intergenerational trauma and violence in Aboriginal Communities.

KEYNOTE: NPY Women’s Council Ngangkari and Tjanpi programs.

A group of ngangkari/artists will talk about their work as healers and artists, and the connections between tjukurpa, culture, art and mental health.

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Kent Morris, The Statewide Indigenous Officer in Victorian Prisons and Community Pilot Program, presenting on the Transformative Effects and Healing Power of Culture in Rehabilitation
  • Sarah Diplock and Megan Van Den Berg, presenting on The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency community engagement projects.
  • Dr Laura Brearley and Lisa Kennedy speaking about the Deep Listening Project.

Day 2

THEMES: Role of Art Centres in Healing/Australian Indigenous Contemporary Art Practices

KEYNOTE: Philip Watkins, CEO Desart, peak industry body for Central Australian Art Centres. Presenting on the healing benefits of art centres.

Artist Panel: Exploring contemporary Australian Indigenous art practices. Panel will feature artist Bindi Cole.

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Artists from Papunya, Central Australia launching their short documentary on the Happy Sad Painting Project. – Maree Clarke and Robyne Latham presenting on the Kopi Mourning Caps Workshop.
  • Vicki Couzens and Lee Darroch presenting on The Banmirra Arts Possum Skin Cloak Healing Journey.
  • Tracey-Lea Smith, Patsy Smith, Robert Austin and Lisa Waup presenting on the art centre, Baluk Arts, Mornington.

Healing Ways Symposium Program

Full program available 6 August.

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